[mythtv-users] Smoothing out playback?

Joe sn00p99 at optonline.net
Fri Mar 9 07:35:10 UTC 2007

ok, well thanks to some of you here i have finally got my backend and frontend boxes talking, thank you for that.
my backend is a p4 1800mhz running slackware, and right now i have a dell laptop 1600p4 running the frontend.
when i try to watch live tv or playback a recording, its dropping frames, playback runs like garbage. at first i was using wireless. then i went to 100mbit lan. didnt fix anything. the recordings play fine using samba on my windows box. right now i'm at work, and i'm looking for things to try when i get home?
guess i'll copy one of the recordings over to the frontend box and see if that plays back correctly. if it doesnt, what can i do?
lower the bitrate of the recordings?
anyone else have any problems streaming dvd quality recordings over the network?
some ideas of what to check for would be great. thanks
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