[mythtv-users] Problem getting AverTVHD A180 going.

R. G. Newbury newbury at mandamus.org
Thu Mar 8 20:07:56 UTC 2007

mike wrote:
> On Wednesday 07 March 2007 19:01, Kevin Kuphal wrote:
>> mike wrote:
>>> On Wednesday 07 March 2007 18:33, Kevin Kuphal wrote:
>>>> mike wrote:
>>>>> Thanks, Kevin, I attempted to scan channels using every possible
>>>>> combination of settings. It didn't find any, which is strange on it's
>>>>> own, unless I don't actually get the Hi-definition I pay for. That may
>>>>> be something for the landlord to confront. And as for me, new to all
>>>>> this, not knowing what it "should" do, makes it more difficult to
>>>>> recognize problems in the setting up of this stuff.
>>>> I would start by using the dvb utilities for scanning.  This will show
>>>> you if you have channels that Myth can pick up.  Also, did you do all
>>>> the firmware loading steps?  Check your /var/log/messages for a note
>>>> about the firmware loading.
>>>> Once you can successfully scan channels *outside* of Myth, then it
>>>> should be no problem inside.
>>>> Kevin
>>> I'm trying to figure out how to get this firmware by the steps, but I
>>> have a custom built kernel- The steps don't apply, as far as I
>>> can tell. I sorta thought the driver was the whole point of that, but how
>>> could I know. Thanks,
>> In the kernel documentation folder for the dvb stuff there should be a
>> firmware grabbing script.  It is pretty much outlined in the A180 page
>> on the wiki
>> Kevin
> It is outlined, but I had to figure where everything was. I'm a little slow 
> sometimes.
> In any case, I have the card, and the channels I selected, and a black screen 
> which displays a notice something along the lines of "you should have gotten 
> a signal lock by now..." and pressing Y changes me back to my regular input.
> There's nothing else. So I have to ask the landlord (again) if he really does 
> have hi-def service.
> He says he does, but he's a busy guy (aren't we all) and for all I know the 
> cable co. might not have sent us the signal.
> Thanks again, I'm getting closer, I think...
> Mike

Hve you tried using the dvb-apps and scanning for your channels?

I have had problems with the myth scanner not prodicuing any output. I 
had to use the long route which is:

You have to either a) know what the dtv_multiplex, serviceid and 
xmltvids are for your channels, or b) have a channels.conf which 
contains enough of that info for myth to figure it out and put the right 
stuff in the right places, so mythfilldatabase can complete things.

So (and all of this is on the wiki). get the dvb-apps.
Run atscscan -c US-Cable-Standard-Frequencies-QAM256 -a 0 -f 0 -d 0 or 
whatever is required for your setup, and grab the output. This is a raw 

Using azap to tune a partciualr channel+serviceid combo, use mplayer to 
see if it is a watchable channel. Delete if not. This produces a real 
channels.conf which can be (if yoo are lucky) imported into myth.

At present, you probably get nothing, because your card is tuned to nothing.


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