[mythtv-users] mceusb2 transmit problems

Oliver Brown galaxiaguy at googlemail.com
Thu Mar 8 15:19:51 UTC 2007


I have a HVR-1300 which came with the MCE USB IR receiver/blaster (the
newest one). The receiving part works fine but I can't get the blaster
part to work (with Sky in the UK incidentally). I'm using MythDora 3.2
which has a version of lirc_mceusb2 which the wiki says should work

If I use irw, button presses from both remotes (the Hauppauge one and
the Sky one) are correctly recognised. irsend though doesn't do
anything - it doesn't even make the red light on the blaster flash.

Is there some extra step I need to take to enable transmitting? Most
things I've read (including the wiki page) focus on setting up
receiving and then imply that transmitting will just work...


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