[mythtv-users] Moving from Fedora to Ubuntu

William Munson william_munson at bellsouth.net
Thu Mar 8 02:31:52 UTC 2007

Thom Paine wrote:

>I am considering moving from Fedora to Ubuntu.
>I'm comfortable with Fedora, but I am looking at more long term
>stability with Ubuntu using the server install that has an 18 month
>support cycle.
>I have a couple of glitched on my frontend and backend, so I am
>considering starting from scratch. It's just TV that I have recorded,
>and I can likely record most of it again, but I want to reorder my
>drives a bit in the backend and move it to my server room.
>I'm also switching from analog cable to Bell Expressvu satellite so I
>also have to switch to an irblaster to change channels.
>I'd like to keep the backend nice and light, and plan on makeing
>another frontend to replace the tv it is currently attached to. My
>other frontend has a few issues and I'm thinking a reinstall may fix
>that up.
>I have the ubuntu server install cd that is supposed to be nice and
>light, and I'd like to run a light window manager like fluxbox. Does
>anyone have a system running similar to this?
>Am I making too many changes to my setup that I won't get it working again?
>My old boxes are FC4 and I don't think I want to bother upgrading them
>to FC6. I'd rather try installing something lighter.
I cannot comment on most of the tasks you describe however as someone 
who has recently tried many different distros I can say that setting up 
mythtv on Ubuntu is a pain in the rear.  You will need to manually 
compile things like ivtv and lirc which in the case of a pvr250 card 
turned into a major pain.  Other than that, its one of the best desktop 
distros I have had the pleasure to use.

Just for my dedicated myth machine I stuck with FC 6. Only pain here is 
manully compiling the drivers for my wireless card.

Good luck!

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