[mythtv-users] Moving from Fedora to Ubuntu

Thom Paine painethom at gmail.com
Thu Mar 8 01:47:40 UTC 2007

I am considering moving from Fedora to Ubuntu.
I'm comfortable with Fedora, but I am looking at more long term
stability with Ubuntu using the server install that has an 18 month
support cycle.

I have a couple of glitched on my frontend and backend, so I am
considering starting from scratch. It's just TV that I have recorded,
and I can likely record most of it again, but I want to reorder my
drives a bit in the backend and move it to my server room.

I'm also switching from analog cable to Bell Expressvu satellite so I
also have to switch to an irblaster to change channels.

I'd like to keep the backend nice and light, and plan on makeing
another frontend to replace the tv it is currently attached to. My
other frontend has a few issues and I'm thinking a reinstall may fix
that up.

I have the ubuntu server install cd that is supposed to be nice and
light, and I'd like to run a light window manager like fluxbox. Does
anyone have a system running similar to this?

Am I making too many changes to my setup that I won't get it working again?

My old boxes are FC4 and I don't think I want to bother upgrading them
to FC6. I'd rather try installing something lighter.


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