[mythtv-users] dilemma PVR-350-out/nvdia out

Bart Coninckx bart.coninckx at telenet.be
Wed Mar 7 21:57:10 UTC 2007


I'm currently building two Mythboxes on two recent Asus Pundits. One has a ATI 
card, the other an Nvidia card. Both also have PVR-350 cards. 

They will be used for virtually all MytTV functionalities: TV, DVD, MythGame 

For the TV part I understand from reading other posts that for picture quality 
nothing seems to beat running X server on the PVR-350. 

For games and DVD though, it seems that running X on an Nvidia is the optimal 
situation CPU-wise, also because of XvMC.

I already added a Nvidia card to the Pundit with the ATI card, but the main 
dilemma is know: using X on a PVR-350 and risking high CPU for xmame and DVD 
playing or using X on the Nvideas and dealing with lower quality TV-out. Both 
things are important.

Any advice?



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