[mythtv-users] Enabling DPMS poweroff from the keyboard?

Andrew Leahy aleahy at knox.edu
Wed Mar 7 12:05:42 UTC 2007


My mythtv box plugs into the TV via a $15 modulator I picked up at 
Walmart. When the video card sends a signal over TV-Out, the modulator 
kicks in and replaces the signal from channel 3 on the antenna with the 
signal from the computer. Currently, when I want to use my mythtv box to 
watch a recorded show, I plug the cable from the TV-Out port into the 
back of the modulator and when I'm finished I unplug the cable and the 
signal returns to normal.

Obviously, this isn't an elegant solution, and using mythtv as my 
primary viewing method isn't an option.  I'd like to be able to turn the 
signal from the video card off or on by enabling/disabling DPMS poweroff 
mode in X windows with the touch of a button on my keyboard.  Does 
anyone know how this might be possible?

Thanks for your help.

Andrew Leahy

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