[mythtv-users] New setup

Mark Bell markb at pilgrim.com
Tue Mar 6 22:32:02 UTC 2007

I just popped in a PNY branded Geforce FX5500 PCI card and everything
went to hell. Cannot install Knoppmyth or MythDora 3.2 Keeps getting
Kernel failures. 

Is this a supported card or is mine maybe toast


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Brian Wood wrote:


> The cheapest way out would probably be a 5200 nVidia card, assuming  
> he's got an AGP video card slot. That would *probably* work with XvMC

> but I wouldn't guarantee it.

Computers being computers, I try not to guarantee anything ;-), however,

XvMC will work fine with an AGP NVidia card.

Myself, I have viewed HD broadcasts (720p to be exact) on a 440MX and 
the current 6200, both cards are AGP.

The 440MX I had attached to a 1 ghz TBird core AMD.  The main limit I 
had with that test bed system was only having 256 mes of RAM.  This was 
with .19 branch of Myth, and since .20 has increased requirements, the 
OP may still not get the best performance with that chip.

Then again, there are some people running very similar systems and 
getting near perfect, if not perfect outright, performance, so YMMV.
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