[mythtv-users] HD reference files?

Brian Wood beww at beww.org
Tue Mar 6 16:21:13 UTC 2007

On Mar 6, 2007, at 9:02 AM, jason maxwell wrote:

> this is a good idea. there should be some sort of standard benchmark
> for myth. a script capable of analysing the results and making
> suggestions for tweaks based on the results would be awesome. probably
> not a very easy project, but it would be cool. SoC 07?
> sort of like the old days where everyone would run the quake2 demo and
> tweak until they had a framerate worthy of bragging to their friends
> about.
> -J

Actually it's a very easy project, in fact such things already exist,  
the problem is a few of us would have to sell at least our cars and  
possibly our homes to afford such things.

The biggest problem with checking encoders, as I said, is a source of  
"known good" video, even something as simple as an analog color bar  
generator doesn't exist in most homes, and static bars are not of  
much help in setting up encoders. Something that would generate test  
quality component HD video is just not realistic for even well-off  
consumers at this time.

But be patient, I would have said the same thing about SD encoders  
just 10 years ago.

Known good MPEG files are pretty easy to get, and thus decoder setup  
can be made relatively simple.

In truth I am always astounded how good we can get things looking  
with $50 hardware encoders and $400 PCs for playback.

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