[mythtv-users] Pixelation Issues

Brian Wood beww at beww.org
Tue Mar 6 02:44:33 UTC 2007

On Mar 5, 2007, at 7:32 PM, D wrote:

> Thanks for all the feedback guys. Upping the encode rates has seemed
> to help.  A related question: resolutions and aspect ratios
> Currently I record and play at 720x480 but I have to set the aspect
> ratio to square in order to have it fill the screen. If I set it to
> 4:3 there are black bars on each side (and possibly the top, its hard
> to tell).  This happens even if I record/play in 640x480 as well.  If
> I don't have it set to square, 4:3 zoom/fill using the W key during
> playback works, although it looks worse than set to square.  I don't
> seem to be losing any of the video when I compare it to what the
> direct cable to the tv shows, but I am a little confused as to why 4:3
> doesn't work properly?

If your source material is 4:3 and you want it to "fill" a 16:9  
screen then you have to either distort the image in one of several  
ways or put up with the "reverse letter box" effect.

Or is that not what you meant?

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