[mythtv-users] Upgrade old or cut my losses and buy new?

Phil Bridges gravityhammer at gmail.com
Tue Mar 6 00:14:50 UTC 2007

On 3/5/07, Brian Wood <beww at beww.org> wrote:
> On Mar 5, 2007, at 1:06 PM, Dennis Lou wrote:
> > ----- Original Message ----
> > From: "Phil Bridges" <gravityhammer at gmail.com>
> >> I run an A64 3000+ frontend/backend doing HDTV fine
> >> without XVMC.  I believe my X/mythfrontend CPU usage
> >> stays around 50-60% while watching
> >> live.  IIRC, I don't have any deinterlacers working, but
> >> I'd have to check my machine to be sure.

> You say "HDTV", is this 720P, 1080i or what. Also how are you driving
> your monitor and at what resolution?
> "HDTV" covers such a broad range of possibilities, from 720P scaled
> to the S-Video output to 1080i driving an LCD at full resolution that
> I suspect this is the source of apparently contradictory reports of
> what a given CPU can do.
> Other factors, such as whether a full-blown KDE install or a
> lightweight window manager might make a difference, also things like
> what happens if you try and run a commflag or a transcode job or two
> at the same time, would make for differing reports, as would video
> drivers and their options, system tuning and many other factors.

I'm outputting 1080i via VGA->5BNC to a CRT projector.  Ratpoison is
my window manager on this machine, IIRC.

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