[mythtv-users] Writing a dual layer DVD+R DL disk

Mark Smith mark at chez-moi.org.uk
Sun Mar 4 20:27:19 UTC 2007

In message <88344F37-539F-49DA-8ADD-67FC9C829285 at beww.org>
          Brian Wood <beww at beww.org> wrote:

> If it's the only optical drive in a Linux box some mobos have  
> problems booting from a SATA device so you'd need a separate PATA DVD/ 
> CD drive to boot and set up a system.

Which is a problem for my Myth box, which is in a conumer electronics style
case with only room for one DVD/CD drive.

> But that brings up a question, are you using SCSI emulation or  
> writing to the drive directly as an IDE device? SCSI emulation has  
> been around longer and is probably better debugged, and it can be  
> used with SATA or PATA devices. With a SATA drive you have no choice,  
> you have to use SCSI emulation, and that may be what solved Mark's  
> problems, not the fact that it was SATA.

I'm writing to /dev/dvd, which links to /dev/hda so that's presumably writing
to the drive directly as an IDE device. I'm not sure how I'd use SCSI
emulation on the device - any suggestions?

It's the only PATA device on the system - the hard disk is SATA.

Mark Smith - Surrey, UK

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