[mythtv-users] sound problem: HDA_Intel with ALSA

mike michaelachandler at cox.net
Sun Mar 4 19:00:10 UTC 2007

Hi again folks:  Well, after much searching around, I can't seem to locate the 
answer to my sound issue.

The new machine has onboard audio, "HDA Intel". The machine is a core duo 2.4 
Intel, and I compiled a kernel in order for it to be able to use my 
cd/dvd drive. It seems to be a 64 bit system, though I don't understand all 
that, that's another topic I think.

The sound works fine playing a music cd, or mp3s. in fact in all applications 
*except*  the TV functions -live, and recording tv. 
It has a constant hiss, kind of a grainy sound and - I'm not sure- but it 
sounds to me as if the input is being overdriven. The volume level is 
noticeably louder than when using any other audio application. All my 
recordings sound like this too.

This is the same TV card I had in my old machine. ATI TV-Wonder VE. Sound 
worked well in that machine...but I was using a Creative SB-Live PCI for 
sound in that machine.

I've gone through all of Mythtv setup and tried adjusting down the volume 
levels in everyplace I found them, this does nothing.

I've googled and gone through alsaconf, lots of translated pages and can't 
seem to figure this out.
If anyone has ideas, I'd sure appreciate it.

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