[mythtv-users] irblaster setup for amino IPTV set top box?

Brian Wood beww at beww.org
Sun Mar 4 16:12:21 UTC 2007

On Mar 4, 2007, at 8:50 AM, ryan patterson wrote:

> I have been unable to get an irblaster working with my cable box.   
> It is a amino aminet110 IPTV box.  I tried using a serial based  
> lirc transmitter but it wasn't able to learn the remote codes.  For  
> the past week I've tried using a myblaster from http:// 
> www.mytvstore.com/product_id_004.html  The myblaster thinks it  
> learns the remote signals.  But it doesn't work when I use the  
> myblaster to send the signals to the STB.  I've noticed that  
> learning the same button on the remote multiple times produces a  
> different result every time.  So I think it isn't learning the  
> commands correctly.
> Does anybody have a successful irblaster setup for a amino IPTV box?

No matter what the problem is the fact that you're getting  
inconsistent results is probably the key.

Do you have anything that might be interfering with IR reception?  
Flourescent lighting? Sunlight?

Is there something non-standard about that remote? Can you borrow a  
"learning" type remote and see if that works? I'm assuming the remote  
that came with the STB works OK.

Can you try a different "standard" remote? Often if you go to the  
cable office with your unit and just tell them "it's broke" they'll  
hand you another one, it might be off-spec just enough to still work  
with the STB but not a learner.

Just ideas.

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