[mythtv-users] 800 MHz P3 for HDTV

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> i used to use a amd athlon XP 1800+ and that barely cut it with xvmc
> enabled.  it wasnt very stable too.  now i am using a  p4 3.4ghz.
> mitchell
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Thanks for all the replies.  I'm replying to this one because it seemed the
most disconcerting.  It seems to say, "Do all the analysis you want.  I
tried it with a slightly faster machine, and it didn't work."

But, I'm still wondering if you were running other stuff on the machine.

It seems if the display card is doing all the decoding work, than all the
cpu needs to do is move 8 GB of data per hour to the video card.  I know I
can copy 8 GB disk to disk in far less than an hour.

Is there a chance if I 

	- Don't record while playing back
	- Don't run any servers on it
	- Don't do any remote file access

or will I just be wasting money on an nVidia card for a system that just
can't work?


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