[mythtv-users] how to use powerstrip settings to create a 1080i modeline

Alex Van Deusen alex.vandeusen at gmail.com
Sat Mar 3 21:36:13 UTC 2007


I have an Older HDTV RPTV.  It is a Toshiba 65H80.  I tried using the
component dongle with a nvidia 6600 graphics card without modelines but I
had too much overscan and the colors were really washed out.  I now have a
transcoder and someone on AVS was kind enough to send me the powerstrip
settings for this TV.  However I don't know how to use these settings to
create a 1080i modeline.  I know that their is a linux modeline generator
however I am not sure how to use that.  I have posted the settings they sent
me below for the powerstrip file.  Can someone please help?  I am running
Mythtv on knoppmyth using the RE50 release.

horizontal geometry
scan rate 67.026
active 1920 11.120
fp 120 0.695
sw 208 1.205
bp 328 1.900
total 2576 14.920

vertical geometry
refresh rate 59.952
active 1080 16.113
fp 1 0.015
sw 3 0.045
bp 34 0.507
total 1118 16.680

save as display profiles page
refresh rate 59hz

make sure to close powerstrip before swapping display
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