[mythtv-users] AMD guide to building a Media PC

Calvin Harrigan charriglists at bellsouth.net
Sat Mar 3 16:07:09 UTC 2007

Tom Greer wrote:
> Smarter people than me wrote:
>> ... That's marketing speak you've been reading. And I'd bet
>> that the marketing folks never talk to the folks that write the Linux
>> drivers... ;)
>> Note that the suggested CPU is marginal at best for HD, I'd guess
>> they are counting on help from the GPU and/or MCP.
>> I suspect this is a case of paying a lot for "extras" that a Myth
>> system can't and probably never will be able to use.
> OK. OK.
> I still think I have the right stuff to perform frontend only HD
> playback.  Here is what I ordered from newegg.com earlier today.
> - IN WIN IW-BT611T.240SL Black/ Silver metal MicroATX Desktop Computer Case
> - ASUS M2NBP-VM CSM Socket AM2 NVIDIA Quadro NVS 210S Micro ATX AMD Motherboard
> - AMD Athlon 64 X2 3800+(65W) Windsor 2.0GHz Socket AM2 Processor
> - 1 GB (512 x 2) DDR2 800 SDRAM

 I would recommend using the m2npv-vm, it has 2 serial ports (you have
to buy the adapter for the header, like $7),  an actual 6xxx series
video card and several people on the list who has bought and
successfully used it.  I am one of those people.  :-)


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