[mythtv-users] Using commercial PVR (Topfield, Humax, etc) as a frontend

Jogchum Reitsma j.reitsma at hccnet.nl
Fri Mar 2 21:40:34 UTC 2007

migmog schreef:

>>I've seen a lot of info on going the
>>other way - playing a file from a commercial PVR on a Linux system,
>>but I've not seen any info about going the other way.
>I guess that's what I'm asking. Has anyone been able to play a
>recording on one of these PVR boxes that was recorded by myth?  I'm
>interested in DVB, so it's going to be the same basic format anyway.
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Well, if I understand you right, the Kiss DP558 could be your choice; is 
it just analog cable or antenna, no digital broadcast. It is basically a 
Linux box, hard drive 80, 160 or 200 GB, DVD-player (no writer!), 
Ethernet (officially 100Mb, but it's real speed is much slower), and an 
ftp-server.  It comes with a PC-server for various formats (video, 
audio, pictures; indeed also shows recorded by mythtv, but you have to 
guess from the filename which program you are going to play...) for 
Windows and Mac, and there are several open source servers for Linux 
(and Windows too, for that matter). It is programmable from a dedicated 

It is some EUR 350,- in the Netherlands. Since a few years we own one, 
and we are rather satisfied with it.

regards, Jogchum

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