[mythtv-users] Myth upgrade 0.19->0.20 and MySQL upgrade 4.1->5.0 ?

matthew.garman at gmail.com matthew.garman at gmail.com
Fri Mar 2 17:40:53 UTC 2007

Just wondering if anyone has a link to a repository of known
"gotchas" when upgrading MythTV 0.19 to 0.20, and at the same time
upgrading MySQL from 4.1.x to 5.0.x?

FWIW, I've got *reliably working* MythTV setup on Gentoo for my
parents.  My dad wants the MythArchive functionality; unfortunately,
installing MythArchive requires an upgrade.  Current: 0.19_p10505,
destination: 0.20_p12172.  Likewise, portage wants to upgrade MySQL:
4.1.21 to 5.0.26-r2.

I live 150 miles away from them, and so I'd hate to break it!
There's a *lot* of posts on the subject, so I was hoping someone had
compiled an upgrade guide.


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