[mythtv-users] Cooler

Henry A Harper III hah at alumni.rice.edu
Thu Mar 1 20:48:07 UTC 2007

>I am trying to decide on a Cooler to buy for my new HTPC case.  I think i
will be
>getting a nMediaPC 100BA.  I have narrowed coolers down to a nMediaPC
>IceTank or the Zalman CNPS7700.
>The main difference between the two is the IceTank has  90mm fan and the
>Zalman is a 120mm.  Also, I know the icetank will fit but the Zalman is
>quesitonable.  I emailed nMediaPC to see if they know.  Zalman says for my
>I need 19mm between the top of my ECS 661FX-M and the PSU.  (Anyone have
>this case that could measure?)
>What would you guys recommend, if i knew both would fit?

I have a Zalman CNPS 9000 in my FE/BE that is very quiet, and bigger fans
should be better, all other things being equal...however I now think it's
way overkill for a low-power processor. The FE/BE has a 65w AM2 x2 (4600)
and I got another 65w x2 (4200) for my Windows box; I used the boxed AMD
cooler in the windows box and I can't hear that at all when the case is
closed, can barely hear it if I stick my head in the case. Both the FE/BE
and windows box are running 2x SETI tasks 24x7.

My recommendation is thusly: low-power processor, pays for itself just in
not buying a fancy cooler when you can't even hear the stock one...and the
premium over "standard"-power is now...nothing? at zipzoomfly. Talk about a
no-brainer, at least for AMD. I don't know if the Intel latest CPUs are
similar w/boxed cooler (no specific LP version, but aren't they supposed to
be 65w-ish for mid-C2D?) Hmm...
http://www.tomshardware.com/2006/09/25/green_machine/page4.html says not

But you have a P4 mobo already. Oh well.

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