[mythtv-users] Can't Get pcHDTV-5500 To Work With MythTV

R. G. Newbury newbury at mandamus.org
Thu Jun 28 14:48:10 UTC 2007

mythtv mythtv wrote:
>>> I have an existing working MythTV installation that I have been 
> using
>>> via the firewire port on my DCT-6200 cable box.  I have had no  
>>> problems
>>> at all with the firewire tuner.
>>> Recently, I purchased a pcHDTV-5500 card and added it to this  
>>> machine -
>>> but I can't get MythTV to use the card at all, really.
>>> The card is recognized, and all the drivers load successfully.  I 
> was
>>> able to create a channels.conf file for mplayer with scandvb, and
>>> mplayer can tune and play all the existing digital (QAM-256) 
> channels
>>> that are not encrypted.  I can also tune all the analog channels 
> with
>>> tvtime without problems.
>>> HOWEVER, MythTV cannot find even a single digital channel with it's
>>> built-in channel scanner - not even if I point it to my 
> known-working
>>> with mplayer channels.conf!  Although it does appear to be able to  
>>> find
>>> all the analog channels when I scan for them, it will not tune them 
> in
>>> live TV if I switch to that input.
>>> Anybody have any idea what might be going wrong here?  The box is an
>>> updated Fedora Core 6 machine with kernel 2.6.20-1.2962 (didn't work
>>> with .2952 either), and my MythTV version is installed from the
>>> 0.20.1-158 rpms.
>> Did you select the DVB interface or the analog interface in the  
>> capture card setup?
> I'm using the DVB interface.
> ------------------------------
> Well your not the only one.  I have the exact same problem with my hd3000 doing 8vsb over the air.  It can make a channels.conf fine and get signals with the command line tools, but mythtv can't handle it.  Mine has been broken since April, don't even have mythtv running anymore.  It would do this on FC6 so after a month of waiting I tried debian, with the same results.  And now it sits dead.
> So its not specific to fedora or debian, or it is specific to both.  What I think happened, if you search a little, is there was some sort of change in the kernel which affect this in mythtv using dvb cards or drivers.  
> If I was only a programmer.

Have you tried removing the analog module , cx8800, withj modprobe -r 
cx8800 and then loading only the cx88_dvb module?

I tried for quite some time to get both the NTSC and ATSC sides of an 
HD3000 working and had to give up.

Your key comment, to me, is 'I can also tune all the analog channels 
with tvtime....' So that side works, but the other does not. That 
implies that either the cx88_dvb module is not being loaded, or the 
changeover is not working.

 From comments on this list, it appears that you need to enter the card 
twice in mythtv-setup, once as NTSC and once as ATSC. I have never seen 
any explanation of how myth (and it must be myth) handles the module 
loading. And I have never seen anyone explain how to get *both* loaded 
at once.

The best I could come up with was a small script to removed the unwanted 
nodule and load the desired module, but I have no idea how that could be 
triggered from inside myth. It's supposed to 'just work' and maybe it 
does, but you will need to mumble the correct incantations and sacrifice 
a goat at the dark of the moon as best I can tell.

Seriously, try loading the cx88_dvb module alone and see if your 
hardware shows up at /dev/dvb/adapter0 etc.


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