[mythtv-users] Mythfrontend = black screen

Captain Krypto captainkrypto at gmail.com
Tue Jun 26 14:14:45 UTC 2007


I recently got a Vizio 42" LCD TV and am trying to get my myth box to
display at the full 1366x768 native resolution of the TV.  I used the
xorg.conf found here  http://www.mythtv.org/wiki/index.php/Vizio_VX37L. It
appears that everything is starting up correctly and the TV is reporting the
screen resolution as 1366x768, however, when mythfrontend loads up, all I
see is a black screen.  I am able to blindly move about the menu and live tv
displays just fine.  I can even see the program guide while in live TV mode
and it looks awesome!  I am also able to launch videos from the command line
on a remote computer and they are displaying fine as well.  I'm not sure
where to start looking for the cause of this as I am not seeing any relevant
(at least to me) errors in the mythfrontend.log or Xorg.0.log.  Here is my
basic system specs:

Fedora 6
mythtv-suite-.20.1-158 from atrpms.net
AMD Athlon XP 3000+
Geforce4 MX 440
Nvidia Legacy Driver (1.0-9639)

I am at work, but can post my logs, etc when I get home.  I was just
wondering if anyone has experienced this before, or where I should start
looking to troubleshoot this issue.

Thanks in advance.

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