[mythtv-users] recording to dvd

norman norman at littletank.org
Sun Jun 24 18:17:34 UTC 2007

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> > >> I think what you need is the MythArchive plugin.
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> > > I have that and believe I know how to use the editing procedure. This
> > > produces edited programmes which play back in the as edited form
> > > successfully. What I am seeking is how to maintain that form when
> > > burning to dvd because, when I do the burn the bits edited out are
> > > appearing on the dvd.
> > >
> > >
> > When you select recordings in MythArchive there should be a 'Use cut
> > list' check box (it's just below the description). If you ensure that is
> > selected then MythArchive will automatically remove any commercials you
> > have marked using Myth's built in editor. You have to do that for each
> > recording you want to remove commercials from.
> Thanks Brian and Paul, now I have something to start getting my teeth
> into.

I did point out that I am not particularly technically minded and you
may have to be somewhat detailed in giving me instructions and advice.
As I am recording from the BBC I am not trying to remove commercials but
the bit at the beginning of the recording where I started recording
early and the bit at the end where the recording overran. So, I play the
recording, press 'M', select 'Edit Recordings' from the list and then
mark the pieces at either end to be removed. It is these pieces I went
to get rid of.


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