[mythtv-users] Frontend to two TVs?

Kevin Kuphal kuphal at dls.net
Thu Jun 21 14:24:20 UTC 2007

On 6/21/07, David Frascone <dave at frascone.com> wrote:
> I'm upgrading my frontend, and it's causing me some grief.  So -- let me
> try to let you know my current setup, and where I'm going.
> My current frontend has a Geforce4 with S-Video and DVI output.  I send
> the DVI to my Livingroom TV, and the S-Video to a RF Modulator.  The coax
> output of the modulator goes upstairs to my bedroom, where I have an IR/RF
> Remote extender.  So, the Bedroom TV shows the same thing as the LR TV, and
> I can still control Myth via the remote extender.
> Things work fine (with some resolution issues I can deal with)
> So -- the problem:  I'm upgrading to this motherboard: http://www.biostar.com.tw/app/en-us/t-series/content.php?S_ID=183
>   It has DVI out (and SPDIF Sound -- for when I want to get it working).
> But, now I only have one output (Technically two, if you include the VGA).
> And, I have no way that I can think of to get an analog composite (or
> S-Video) output to my RF Modulator.
> Any ideas for solutions?
> I could put the old frontend into the bedroom -- but I only have one
> wireless keyboard . . . I guess it could work though.  I was hoping to free
> up that machine for other things.
> I also could drop a video card into my dedicated backend and put the RF
> modulator there.  And the remote extender (if it has that much range).
> But -- I'd like a solution similar to the one I have -- where the BR
> watches the same thing as the LR.
> Any ideas?  Or is it time for two frontends?

Two frontends.  You're causing yourself all kinds of hassle when you can
easily solve it that way.  Time is money :)

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