[mythtv-users] MB Blew up - How do I move the database to the new system?

Michael Jones mythlist at michaelandholly.com
Sun Jun 17 10:09:15 UTC 2007


Thanks for the clue.. but can you expand a little?

I'm no linux newbie - I know enough to be dangerous... VERY  
dangerous ;-)  However, I seem to remember something from my past  
about chroot, but all I can find currently is part of bind..

I'm going to try just copying mythconverg to the new drive.. but I  
think I'd rather do things the "right" way - besides, all I really  
want is the program data the rest of the settings etc has already  
been taken care of ..

btw:  I also switched to mythdora running w/ ratpoison - seems to be  
functioning VERY nicely.


- Michael

On Jun 16, 2007, at 7:39 AM, John Drescher wrote:

>> He didn't say his OS or hard drive failed, his MB blew up.   
>> Booting to
>> a livecd in the same box isn't really an option.
>> This happened to me a month ago.  If you've got another computer,
>> simply put your hard drive in that computer and boot.  Amazingly,
>> it'll probably boot to a shell with little to no issue.
> He said that he tried booting the old hard drive on the new system and
> it did not work. I agree this is a bit strange if he just changed the
> motherboard. Anyways, I was giving him a way to quickly get a backup.
> After rereading his post I now see that he reinstalled on a new disk
> so the procedure I gave starting with the mount should work.
> John
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