[mythtv-users] Couple questions for a non-standard implementation

Brian Wood beww at beww.org
Sun Jun 10 20:58:31 UTC 2007

Peter A. Daly wrote:
> I'm considering trying to implement MythTV for what I'd refer to as a
> non standard use.  It's for a church that would like to make an
> archive of their services...without writing a book right now...with
> slight modification, MythTV seems like it would make a good basis for
> a further customized solution.
> Is it possible to do live-tv streaming from a MythTV live recording
> using mms, or something similar?  My understanding (which may be
> wrong) is that VLC won't do in-progress recordings.  Generally, the
> desire is to stream what is being recorded to other rooms of the
> building, or maybe even an open wifi hotspot.  I was thinking mms
> would be best, but am open to other ideas.  Multi-cast would be even
> better.  Generally we will have no control over the clients
> themselves, so the streaming must use a standard player protocol like
> mms.
> Also, does anyone know of any post processing utility (that could be
> automated) that can combine two videos into a single side by side
> (picture-beside-picture) view.  Think of a recording of a live
> presentation, where there is a video of the presenter on the left
> screen, next to a video of the powerpoint slides on the right screen,
> synchronized time wise in a single recording.

Just personal opinions, as always:

Myth's main strengths are the ability to search program schedules, find
programs, record them according to rules, flag and skip commercials, and
pause and shuttle LiveTV.

None of those features would be used in the application you mention. So,
while you might be able to cobble up Myth todo what you want, you could
also kill flies with a sledgehammer.

You already know where and when the video you want to record will
happen, you do not have commercials, you do not want to pause the live
recording, store music, still pictures etc. etc.

What you are describing is a simple broadcast, or streamcast. The
program should be "produced" (split-screen, material added etc.) and
then distributed after that. IOW This is a production/distribution
matter, not a PVR function.

If you do not have anyone at the church who is able to put together such
a system you might want to consult with a local A/V contractor or
supplier. There are a lot of Mixer/Switcher units that would do what you
want, and video distribution is best done by conventional means, not
over an ethernet network.

Some churches have national consultants that will help get this sort of
thing running, that would depend on your particular denomination, but
I'd start by talking to whatever regional or national HQ might exist, so
as not to re-invent the wheel. Often used equipment can be had from
other affiliated churches around the country/world, sometimes just for
the cost of shipping.

Again, just a personal opinion, and probably colored by the fact that I
came from a broadcast background.


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