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Jonathan Seawright jonathanathome at verizon.net
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      I've got a pretty easy question for you. I need to add a drive to my LVM mounted at /storage... however, I can't add it to the LVM because it is in use. I normally use the LVM Manager program in system>>preferences/administration

      The LVM is in use?   You should be able to easily add storage to an LVM while space allocated within it is mounted.  Once that's done, you just resize the filesystem to fill the space, which can be done by simply umount'ing /storage and then performing the necessary operations (heck, some filesystems can be expanded on-the-fly whiel still mounted, included XFS and ext3 in later kernels, IIRC). 

    So, I officially added my hard drive space to the LVM group... can I use gparted to resize the filesystem at /storage? I'm not sure if it will handle the LVM "filesystem"... All I know is that the drive has been added to the group, but the space in /storage hasn't changed.
    Jonathan S

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