[mythtv-users] I am thinking of going to DISH

Tim Litwiller timlitw at gmail.com
Fri Jun 8 23:05:09 UTC 2007

I'd appreciate some feed back from current mythtv and DISH users.
We can only get 2 HD channels OTA with very low signal levels and none SD.
Everyone else that lives near here that doesn't have DISH or DirectTv has
several large directional 16' + antenna's.

So to work with Mythtv with 2 tuners what do I need?  The Dish 322 receiver
has connections and remotes for 2 tv's but one is rf - so do I ask for 2 of
the 311 receivers.

What do I get to control both of them from the mythtv?  I see that there is
a LIRC config for DISH on the wiki but what hardware do I need to run this.

The wiki mentions a CommandIR mini is anyone using this and can you
recommend it?

and I think I want to stay with SD recordings for now.  If everything works
right a hacked apple TV box will be all that is in the living room. So
unless there are objections I think I'll record with a PVR-500.  One
question I had on that - does it get as hot as the 5 yr old pvr-250 that I
have?  That gets so hot I had to put another case fan right above it.

My equipment is an old Dell P4 3ghz HT with 4 250g sata drives and 2 gig
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