[mythtv-users] ATI w/XvMC

Cnudde, Paul Paul.Cnudde at Gowlings.com
Mon Jun 4 18:09:27 UTC 2007

I don't recall exactly where I read that, it was after much googling and it was probably over a year ago.  I came across a link saying that the fglrx drivers and DRM didn't play nice together and that and recompiling the kernel without it was the way to go.  After doing this I was able to play Doom3 and watch myth with the flgrx driver without any lockups whatsoever.
If memory serves I beleve the proprietary drivers (fglrx) provide their own 3d acceleration mechanism.
The specific problem I was having which was rectified by recompiling my kernel without DRM was that, using the fglrx driver, my machine would freeze after a couple minutes and nothing but a hard reset would bring it back.
This might be completely moot though as I believe my problem was related to the fact that my video card is AGP whereas yours is pcie.
Hope you get it worked out.

Michelle Dupuis wrote: 
>My box is dedicated to Myth, I'm using the MythDora distro as a starting 
point (but I've recompiled the OS and Myth since). 

>Do you mean that is I want to use ATI's proprietary driver I need to disable 
Direct Rendering Management? How did you come to that conclusion (or where 
did you find reference to it)? The xorg.0.log file shows DRI loaded and 
running ok... 

>I thought about open source drivers but my X1600 isn't officially supported. 
Based on messages, the open source drivers also didn't appear any better 
than the proprietary ones (for stability & features) 

>The key seems to be in XvMC (motion compensation). My display 
flickers/stutters (shows a frame from 1/2 second back every second) which I 
think is VxMC related. Did disabling Direct Rendering Management in the 
kernel help a similar problem for the proprietary driver ? (Or the open 
source one) 

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