[mythtv-users] Anyone have non-crapy svideo output?

F Peeters (MythTV) francesco at fampeeters.com
Sun Jun 3 08:38:45 UTC 2007

On Sun, June 3, 2007 03:40, Nick Bartos wrote:
> I was hoping to hear from some people who have decent svideo output to see
> what you are doing.  I'm having a hell of a time and I thought if I could
> get some input on what works I may be able to come up with something
> satisfactory.
> By non-crap I mean:
> No (or very minimal) video/audio studd-ddd-ders
> Mythfrontend doesn't crash extremely often
> No insanely high cpu utilization (e.g. xorg eats 98% of a pentium D
> 3.2GHz)
> Legible OSD
> If you have this I would be very interested to know your specs.  Please
> send the following:
> X version
XOrg 7.1.1
> x resolution (and modeline/displaysize if you are using them)
Standard 800x600
> distro and version
Ubuntu Edge Eft (6.10)
> graphic card model
NVidia MX4000
> graphic card driver version
NVidia closed source vdersion 8776, but the OSS version works fine as
well, except for the acceleration...
> average cpu utilization (and what cpu you have)
for normal TV viewing around 30% on a AMD Geode
> deinterlace setting
BOB 2x
> using opengl vsync ?
> using 'use gui size for tv playback' ?
No, that's all default.

F Peeters
  PC-Chips M863G Geode - NVidia 440 - Hauppauge PVR250
  Ubuntu 6.10 (Edgy Eft) - XFCE - MythTV 0.20 - Xine
  Panasonic NV-VHD1 VCR/DVD player case modded to fit it all in...

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