[mythtv-users] Anyone managed to burn standard DVDs

Patrick Wagstrom patrick at wagstrom.net
Tue Jul 31 13:40:55 UTC 2007

>> What other critical details are you looking for?  I'd be happy to help 
>> if I can.
> Same here.  I transcode to cut commercials and fit more episodes on a 
> disk.  I'm recording from standard TV anyway, so the lowest resolution 
> setting is fine for me.
> I have not noticed any syncing issues at all.  I'll also be more than 
> happy to provide any details you're looking for.  Have you tried burning 
> a disk and gotten bad audio?

I've tried it with both HDTV programs that were transcoded down and SDTV 
programs from a PVR-250.  In all cases, the files are transcoded to 
MPEG4 files and sometimes need to have the resolution changed. 
Initially the sync is fine, but it gradually gets worse.  I've tried it 
with creating ISO files and also burning DVDs.  The burnt DVDs don't 
play in my Sony standalone player, or a variety of laptops I've tried it on.

So, to clarify, have people been able to transcode HDTV down to DVD 
quality and cut commercials then burn it to a nice DVD with mythburn?


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