[mythtv-users] DVD .iso audio "stuttering"

William Munson william_munson at bellsouth.net
Sun Jul 29 19:02:49 UTC 2007

Bryan Gonderinger wrote:
> I'm trying to play back DVD .iso files on my Myth system and am experiencing
> audio problems.  While the FBI warnings are on the screen (i.e. no audio),
> there is silence, but as soon as the menu displays (presumably with
> background music), I hear a loud "stuttering" sound (not sure how exactly to
> describe it - like a motorboat, perhaps, or maybe chainsaw).  The sound is
> repetitive, continuous and fairly loud (I can hear parts of the audio in the
> background, but it sounds corrupted).
> I did some searches on the mailing list, but didn't come across any that
> seem to address this sort of issue.
> All other audio (MP3, recorded TV, non-ISO video files) plays fine.  I've
> tried changing the file association for iso to use mplayer and xine, and I
> get the same audio every time (although I'm not 100% sure Myth is using the
> new players - I see a message that reads "Default Settings" pop up in the
> upper-left corner of the screen right before playback starts no matter what
> I have the association set to).  I'm changing the association in a different
> instance of mythfrontend than I'm using to play the videos back - perhaps
> the other instance isn't picking up the change?  (I checked the database,
> and the changes are there).
> I'm runing myth 0.20.1-158 under FC6.
> Anyway, was wondering if anyone had run into something like this before, or
> had any ideas on what to try to resolve it.  If it would help, I can record
> a sample of the audio and post it on the web someplace so you can hear what
> I'm referring to.
> Since it appears to happen with all the players (well, maybe), I'm wondering
> if it could be something with my audio setup (i.e. outside of Myth).
> Thanks!
> Bryan

Your system is not handling ac3 audio correctly. I think the required 
decoder is FAAC but am not 100% sure. Could be a passthru setting or a 
setting in your .asoundrc file too. Good luck


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