[mythtv-users] ATrpms dependencies?

Rich West Rich.West at wesmo.com
Sat Jul 28 19:43:03 UTC 2007

I've kept up to date with the 0.20.1 releases from ATrpms in order to 
address issues I have come across here and there that are fixed.

Today when I checked I see:
libsensors3.x86_64                       2.10.4-50.fc6          atrpms
lm_sensors.x86_64                        2.10.4-50.fc6          atrpms
lm_sensors.i386                          2.10.4-50.fc6          atrpms
mythcontrols.x86_64                      0.20.1-161.fc6         atrpms
mythdvd.x86_64                           0.20.1-161.fc6         atrpms
mythgallery.x86_64                       0.20.1-161.fc6         atrpms
mythmusic.x86_64                         0.20.1-161.fc6         atrpms
mythtv.x86_64                            0.20.1-161.fc6         atrpms
mythtv-frontend.x86_64                   0.20.1-161.fc6         atrpms
mythtv-themes.x86_64                     0.20.1-161.fc6         atrpms
mythvideo.x86_64                         0.20.1-161.fc6         atrpms
mythweather.x86_64                       0.20.1-161.fc6         atrpms

Nothing out of the ordinary.. So, I went ahead and started the normal 
update, and saw that the dependencies for the above items were HUGE.  I 
keep my myth system somewhat slim, but nothing out of the ordinary.  For 
example, I don't have any of the XMLTV stuff, mythphone, or mytharchive 
on my clients.  However, after several minutes of yum checking 
dependencies, it wants to install all of that stuff.. I mean, like 

Dependencies Resolved

 Package                 Arch       Version          Repository        Size
 mythtv                  x86_64     0.20.1-161.fc6   atrpms             11 k
     replacing  libmyth.x86_64 0.20.1-158.fc6

 libsensors3             x86_64     2.10.4-50.fc6    atrpms             61 k
 lm_sensors              x86_64     2.10.4-50.fc6    atrpms            518 k
 lm_sensors              i386       2.10.4-50.fc6    atrpms            502 k
 mythcontrols            x86_64     0.20.1-161.fc6   atrpms             95 k
 mythdvd                 x86_64     0.20.1-161.fc6   atrpms            305 k
 mythgallery             x86_64     0.20.1-161.fc6   atrpms            229 k
 mythmusic               x86_64     0.20.1-161.fc6   atrpms            649 k
 mythtv-frontend         x86_64     0.20.1-161.fc6   atrpms            2.1 M
 mythtv-themes           x86_64     0.20.1-161.fc6   atrpms            5.1 M
 mythvideo               x86_64     0.20.1-161.fc6   atrpms            537 k
 mythweather             x86_64     0.20.1-161.fc6   atrpms            977 k
Installing for dependencies:
 MySQL-python            x86_64     1.2.1-1          WesMo-base         83 k
 PIL                     x86_64     1.1.6-8.fc6.at   atrpms            427 k
 atrpms                  noarch     68-1.at          atrpms             18 k
 avahi-qt3               x86_64     0.6.16-4.fc6     WesMo-updates      17 k
 dvdauthor               x86_64     0.6.14-1.fc6     extras            181 k
 ffmpeg                  x86_64     0.4.9-23_r8743.fc6.at  
atrpms            176 k
 gmp                     x86_64     4.1.4-9.fc6      WesMo-updates     201 k
 httpd                   x86_64     2.2.4-2.1.fc6    WesMo-updates     1.1 M
 imlib2                  x86_64     1.3.0-6.fc6.at   atrpms            630 k
 kakasi                  x86_64     2.3.4-22.fc6     extras             78 k
 kakasi-dict             x86_64     2.3.4-22.fc6     extras            904 k
 kdelibs                 x86_64     6:3.5.7-0.1.fc6  WesMo-updates      20 M
 kdnssd-avahi            x86_64     0.1.3-0.1.20060713svn.fc6  
WesMo-base         44 k
 libavformat51           x86_64     0.4.9-23_r8743.fc6.at  
atrpms            259 k
 libdc1394_control13     x86_64     1.1.0-6.fc6.at   atrpms             27 k
 libmyth-0.20.1_0        x86_64     0.20.1-161.fc6   atrpms            1.1 M
 libmythavcodec-0.20.1_0  x86_64     0.20.1-161.fc6   atrpms            
1.3 M
 libmythavformat-0.20.1_0  x86_64     0.20.1-161.fc6   atrpms            
242 k
 libmythavutil-0.20.1_0  x86_64     0.20.1-161.fc6   atrpms             21 k
 libmythfreemheg-0.20.1_0  x86_64     0.20.1-161.fc6   atrpms            
195 k
 libmythlivemedia-0.20.1_0  x86_64     0.20.1-161.fc6   
atrpms            288 k
 libmythtv-0.20.1_0      x86_64     0.20.1-161.fc6   atrpms            4.1 M
 libmythui-0.20.1_0      x86_64     0.20.1-161.fc6   atrpms            252 k
 libmythupnp-0.20.1_0    x86_64     0.20.1-161.fc6   atrpms            139 k
 libpostproc51           x86_64     0.4.9-23_r8743.fc6.at  
atrpms             22 k
 libswscale0             x86_64     0.4.9-23_r8743.fc6.at  
atrpms             60 k
 mx                      x86_64     2.0.6-2.2.2      WesMo-base        564 k
 mysql-server            x86_64     5.0.27-1.fc6     WesMo-updates      10 M
 mytharchive             x86_64     0.20.1-161.fc6   atrpms             12 M
 mythbrowser             x86_64     0.20.1-161.fc6   atrpms             99 k
 mythflix                x86_64     0.20.1-161.fc6   atrpms            103 k
 mythgame                x86_64     0.20.1-161.fc6   atrpms            209 k
 mythnews                x86_64     0.20.1-161.fc6   atrpms             99 k
 mythphone               x86_64     0.20.1-161.fc6   atrpms            443 k
 mythplugins             x86_64     0.20.1-161.fc6   atrpms             18 k
 mythtv-backend          x86_64     0.20.1-161.fc6   atrpms            583 k
 mythtv-docs             x86_64     0.20.1-161.fc6   atrpms            499 k
 mythtv-setup            x86_64     0.20.1-161.fc6   atrpms             99 k
 mythweb                 x86_64     0.20.1-161.fc6   atrpms            629 k
 perl-Archive-Zip        noarch     1.16-1.2.1       WesMo-base        138 k
 perl-Class-MethodMaker  x86_64     2.08-6.fc6.at    atrpms            564 k
 perl-DBD-MySQL          x86_64     3.0007-1.fc6     WesMo-base        147 k
 perl-DateManip          noarch     5.44-2.fc6       WesMo-updates     143 k
 perl-File-Slurp         noarch     9999.12-2.fc6    extras             30 k
 perl-HTML-TableExtract  noarch     2.10-1.fc6       extras             32 k
 perl-HTML-Tree          noarch     1:3.23-1.fc6     extras            206 k
 perl-HTTP-Cache-Transparent  x86_64     0.4-3.fc6.at     
atrpms             12 k
 perl-IO-stringy         noarch     2.110-8.fc6.at   atrpms             70 k
 perl-Lingua-Preferred   noarch     0.2.4-3.fc6.at   atrpms             11 k
 perl-Locale-Hebrew      x86_64     1.04-2.fc6.at    atrpms             17 k
 perl-MIME-Lite          noarch     3.01-5.fc6.at    atrpms             65 k
 perl-MythTV             x86_64     0.20.1-161.fc6   atrpms             23 k
 perl-SOAP-Lite          noarch     0.69-5.fc6.at    atrpms            349 k
 perl-Term-ProgressBar   noarch     2.09-2.fc6       extras             21 k
 perl-TermReadKey        x86_64     2.30-     WesMo-base         31 k
 perl-Text-Kakasi        x86_64     2.04-3.fc6.at    atrpms             30 k
 perl-Tk                 x86_64     804.027-12.fc6.at  atrpms            
2.5 M
 perl-Tk-TableMatrix     x86_64     1.2-17.fc6.at    atrpms            127 k
 perl-Unicode-UTF8simple  noarch     1.06-2.fc6.at    atrpms             
49 k
 perl-WWW-Mechanize      noarch     1.30-2.fc6       extras            135 k
 perl-XML-LibXML         x86_64     1.58-     WesMo-base        229 k
 perl-XML-LibXML-Common  x86_64     0.13-8.2.2       WesMo-base         16 k
 perl-XML-NamespaceSupport  noarch     1.09-1.2.1       
WesMo-base         15 k
 perl-XML-Parser         x86_64     2.34-   WesMo-base        210 k
 perl-XML-SAX            noarch     0.14-2           WesMo-base         75 k
 perl-XML-Twig           noarch     3.29-1.fc6       WesMo-updates     196 k
 perl-XML-Writer         noarch     0.602-3.fc6      extras             23 k
 perl-XMLTV              noarch     0.5.46-71.fc6    atrpms            148 k
 php                     x86_64     5.1.6-3.6.fc6    WesMo-updates     1.2 M
 php-cli                 x86_64     5.1.6-3.6.fc6    WesMo-updates     2.3 M
 php-common              x86_64     5.1.6-3.6.fc6    WesMo-updates     140 k
 php-mysql               x86_64     5.1.6-3.6.fc6    WesMo-updates      86 k
 php-pdo                 x86_64     5.1.6-3.6.fc6    WesMo-updates      62 k
 wget                    x86_64     1.10.2-8.fc6.1   WesMo-updates     582 k
 xmltv                   noarch     0.5.46-71.fc6    atrpms            138 k
 xmltv-grabbers          noarch     0.5.46-71.fc6    atrpms            320 k
 xmltv-gui               noarch     0.5.46-71.fc6    atrpms             25 k

There is no way I want all of that stuff.. I mean, why in the heck do I 
need a web server (or like 90% of the other crap) on a fontend machine?!?

Did something change, or is this an error on the ATrpms.net side that I 
should report over there (not that I am on any of those mailing lists)?


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