[mythtv-users] VIA ITX and case recommendations for MythTV

Jon Bousselot jon-bousselot at pacbell.net
Sat Jul 28 16:00:54 UTC 2007

For almost two years, I've been using a VIA M6000 that I got from
I purchased the barebones system in the "checker cube" case.  It is a
nice aluminum case with thumbscrews and an acrylic face.  The two 40mm
fans on the case turned into noise makers after a month, so I
disconnected them.  With just a PVR-250 and a 300G seagate drive, the
power supply fan is plenty of cooling.

Some day, I plan on moving the M6000 into another case, PXE booting so I
can go diskless, and repackaging it either in a Travla or custom built
so it can go discretely into the kitchen as a playback system only.  To
replace the back end, a M10000 might be a good fit and within my budget.


> There seems to be quite a lot of ITX boards to choose from,
> has anyone got any recommendations,
> also suitable cases ?
> kk

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