[mythtv-users] UPnP music without frontend

TJ Kolev tjkolev at gmail.com
Thu Jul 26 03:55:09 UTC 2007


I've spent several days looking for an answer but to no avail. I have a
backend only server running. My UPnP client can see the myth server and play
the recordings just fine. How do I configure the backend so that the UPnP
client can see my music files as well? I need a way to tell the UPnP server
"Look into /storage/music for your music files". How do I do this? Db
setting? .config setting? Please keep in mind the following restrictions:

 * A mythtv frontend will not be installed or run on the backend server
 * I don't have a mythtv frontend installed, but I can do that on another
machine (which is not the UPnP client). However I don't expect there's a
dependency between the mythmusic plugin and the upnp server.

Thank you.
TJ Kolev :)
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