[mythtv-users] Motherboard with AMD 690G / ATI Radeon x1250 - any good for mythtv?

Daniel Agar daniel at agar.ca
Thu Jul 26 02:08:53 UTC 2007

> Hi.
> I'm researching hardware for my first mythtv box.  I want to set up a mATX
> diskless frontend, based on a Athlon64 X2 4800+.
> I'm looking at a Gigabyte GA-MA69GM-S2H, because of the Gb ethernet,
> TV-out
> and the HDMI output.  The extra two channels of sound might be good too.
> But... it's got a Radeon x1250 onboard graphics.  Am I asking for trouble?
> As I understand it ATI doesn't support XvMC, so I might be better of with
> a
> nvidia < 8xxx.
> An alternative I'm considering is the Abit NF-M2, with a nForce430
> (GeForce
> 6150) chipset.  But it doesn't have TV-out onboard so I'll need an extra
> video card anyway... probably a nvidia GeForce 7600 with an adapter for
> In which case I might as well add the extra card to the Gigabyte board
> given
> it's only 65% of the price of the Abit.
> If I was to add another video card to the Gigabyte (maybe continue using
> the
> onboard for a third display to an LCD monitor) is the rest of the AMD 690G
> well supported by Linux?
> Any advice would be much appreciated.  Feel free to recommend other
> hardware,
> though we don't have a very good range here in NZ.
> Thanks.
> Bob

I just bought an Asus M2NPV-VM, which has everything onboard including tv
out and dvi. I put an X2 3800 in it and have been playing 720p and 1080i
(recorded through firewire from a STB) reliably on a 720p lcd, without
xvmc. The Asus M2N-MX is also a good option with the same stuff onboard
but a bit cheaper as it doesn't have firewire. I paid just under $100
Canadian for the M2NPV-VM, the M2N-MX is about $80. Oh and my board has an
spdif connector but I currently only have a receiver capable of stereo.

I don't know how well these ati/amd chipsets work in Linux but I know the
ati cards a headache.

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