[mythtv-users] Using Microsoft Access as a front-end to the MythTV database: HOWTO

Dave Phillips family_of_phillips at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 24 14:24:26 UTC 2007

I don't get it.
  What did you do?
  Is this just instructions on how to setup an ODBC connection so that you can view the database in Micro$oft Acce$$ ?

David Segall <david at segall.net> wrote:
  I have just completed my first submission to the MythTV wiki and I would 
appreciate any feedback.

If you use Microsoft Office and you think you could benefit from a 
spreadsheet style interface to the database, you can never remember SQL 
syntax or you would like to have pretty, formatted reports of the 
contents then you may find Access a useful tool.

If you would like to try it please follow the instructions in my wiki 
entry at and let me 
know of any errors, omissions or where the instructions are not clear..
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