[mythtv-users] MythMusic dynamic sorting

Steven Adeff adeffs.mythtv at gmail.com
Tue Jul 24 01:57:08 UTC 2007

On 2/25/07, Paul Harrison <mythtv at dsl.pipex.com> wrote:
> Robert wrote:
> > David Fishburn wrote:
> >
> >> Myth 0.20
> >>
> >> Currently, I have my music sorted by tags using author, album, song.  I
> >> suspect this is the default order.
> >>
> >> I organize my music by directory structure. I know I can change the default
> >> sort order to directory.
> >>
> >> I am collecting more and more mixed albums.  Half the time I want to add
> >> songs (to the playlist) by author, but the other half I want to add it by a
> >> directory.
> >>
> >> Is there a way to dynamically change this while looking at your music list?
> >> I looked through the various key bindings (in MythWeb) but didn't see any
> >> options available to me.
> >>
> >> Do other people have solutions to this kind of dilema if Myth doesn't
> >> provide any support natively?
> >>
> >>
> >
> > I'd be interested something similar to this too.  Sometimes I want to
> > search by author->album->song, but other times by album->author->song
> > for compilation albums.  In the same way that in iTunes you can select
> > "All authors" then get a list of all albumns.
> >
> > I've not found a way to do it though - but tbh, I've not looked very
> > hard either.
> >
> >
> > Robert.
> >
> >
> I've been sitting on a patch that allows you to browse your music any
> which way you want. At the top level you can view a list of all artists,
> albums, genres or tracks. You can filter the list by entering some text
> in the edit at the top of the screen. So if you enter 'A' then only the
> items that start with 'A' are shown so it is quick to find what you
> want. You can then move up a level so if you start in the Artists and
> select one you can them view all the albums, genres, or tracks by that
> artist etc. You can choose to view the lists as text items or as images
> which is great for the albums list if you have cover art for them. I got
> maybe 80-90% finished and then decided I wasn't 100% happy with it :-(
> and then I got distracted doing other things. I've never updated it to
> work with the DB schema change either so will need some changes to get
> it working again.
> What I  may do if it's easy enough to fix after the schema change and
> there is enough interest is post the patch on trac as a work in progress
> patch for people to try and maybe we can salvage something out of it,
> even if it's only an Album Art viewer or something? One problem I can
> see in doing this is if you ask 10 people how the music browsing should
> be done you will probably get 10 different answers :-)

Paul, what ever became of your patch?

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