[mythtv-users] IR blaster missing the first digit

Brian Wood beww at beww.org
Mon Jul 23 01:04:31 UTC 2007

mythmail at gmail.com wrote:
> Hello,
>     I just set up an ir blaster from irblaster.info to change channels
> on a digital cable STB, a motorolla DCT700.  I grabbed a perl script
> to handle the channel changes (below).  Now lirc seems to be able to
> send the signals, but whenever MythTV wants to change the channel it
> seems to miss the first number, example just 6 + enter instead of 36
> enter.  I've tried positioning the blaster all over the place, and it
> will seem to work fine when testing with live TV, but then I'll leave
> it alone and the same trouble starts all over again.  Has anybody else
> had this sort of situation with their blaster?  Is this a problem with
> the blaster, positioning, or channel change script?

I know nothing about this, but:

You might try a "sleep" before the first digit send, ie: before the
system line in the change_channel subroutine.


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