[mythtv-users] IR blaster missing the first digit

mythmail at gmail.com mythmail at gmail.com
Mon Jul 23 00:48:22 UTC 2007

    I just set up an ir blaster from irblaster.info to change channels
on a digital cable STB, a motorolla DCT700.  I grabbed a perl script
to handle the channel changes (below).  Now lirc seems to be able to
send the signals, but whenever MythTV wants to change the channel it
seems to miss the first number, example just 6 + enter instead of 36
enter.  I've tried positioning the blaster all over the place, and it
will seem to work fine when testing with live TV, but then I'll leave
it alone and the same trouble starts all over again.  Has anybody else
had this sort of situation with their blaster?  Is this a problem with
the blaster, positioning, or channel change script?



# make sure to set this string to
# the corresponding remote in /etc/lircd.conf
$remote_name = "DCT700";

sub change_channel {
        my($channel_digit) = @_;
        system ("irsend -d /dev/lircd1 SEND_ONCE $remote_name $channel_digit");
        sleep 1;

sleep 1;
if (length($channel) > 2) {
} elsif (length($channel) > 1) {
} else {
system ("irsend -d /dev/lircd1 SEND_ONCE $remote_name ok/select");

and the DCT700 section of lirc.conf just in case

begin remote
 name  DCT700
 bits             16
 eps              30
 aeps            100

 header         9036  4424
 one             556  2185
 zero            556  4424
 ptrail          556
 gap          100025
 toggle_bit        0

     begin codes
         power                    0x000000000000AFF9
         rew                      0x00000000000087F7
         play                     0x00000000000027FD
         ffwd                     0x00000000000047FB
         stop                     0x000000000000C7F3
         pause                    0x00000000000007FF
         rec                      0x00000000000073FC
         skipback                 0x000000000000C3F7
         mydvr                    0x00000000000043FF
         live                     0x00000000000083F0
         pageup                   0x000000000000A3F3
         pagedown                 0x00000000000023FB
         a_lock                   0x00000000000097F6
         b_day-                   0x00000000000063FD
         c_day+                   0x000000000000E3F5
         up                       0x000000000000D3F6
         down                     0x00000000000053FE
         left                     0x00000000000093F1
         right                    0x00000000000013F9
         ok/select                0x00000000000077F8
         guide                    0x000000000000F3F4
         info                     0x00000000000033FA
         menu                     0x00000000000067F9
         exit                     0x000000000000B7F4
         help                     0x000000000000B3F2
         last                     0x00000000000037FC
         vol+                     0x0000000000004FF3
         vol-                     0x0000000000008FFB
         vol-                     0x0000000000008FFB
         mute                     0x0000000000000FF7
         fav                      0x00000000000057FA
         ch+                      0x0000000000002FF5
         ch-                      0x000000000000CFFD
         1                        0x0000000000007FF0
         2                        0x000000000000BFF8
         3                        0x0000000000003FF4
         4                        0x000000000000DFFC
         5                        0x0000000000005FF2
         6                        0x0000000000009FFA
         7                        0x0000000000001FF6
         8                        0x000000000000EFFE
         9                        0x0000000000006FF1
         0                        0x000000000000FFFF
         tv/vcr_input             0x000000000000D7F2
         hdzoom_enter             0x000000000000FDFC
         pnp-swap                 0x0000000000003BF2
     end codes

end remote

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