[mythtv-users] mediaMVP or mini-ITX?

Nick Rout nick at rout.co.nz
Sun Jul 22 21:00:13 UTC 2007

On Mon, July 23, 2007 8:35 am, Steve Smith wrote:
> On 22/07/07, Hans P Halvorson (hhalvors at Princeton.EDU) <
> hhalvors at princeton.edu> wrote:
>> I could use a recommendation about a MythTV frontend: Do I go ahead and
>> get a mediaMVP (for use with mvpmc), or do I save my pennies to build a
>> mini-ITX box (for use with MiniMyth or something similar)? This would be
>> my
>> only MythTV frontend; my backend is on a Intel E4300 (1.8GHz) with 2GB
>> RAM
>> and 750MB HD, running Ubuntu. Essentially, I want to replace the old
>> TiVo
>> series 2 to which dear wife is addicted -- i.e. to play recordings, fast
>> forward, rewind, pause, schedule recordings (while at the television).
>> By
>> the way, I am not much concerned with High Definition versus SD.
>> Also, the frontend needs to be wireless. The cnet review says that the
>> wireless mediaMVP is flaky in terms of connection strength. Would it be
>> better to get a wired mediaMVP, and to connect with an ethernet-wireless
>> gaming adapter?
>> So, does mvpmc do enough now to make it a satisfactory replacement for
>> basic TiVo functionality, or should I go with mini-ITX? Any
>> recommendations
>> and advice would be most welcome.
>> Thanks,
>> Hans
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> Hans,
> Whilst I'm a great fan of the mediaMVP (I've got one myself!),probably
> it's
> biggest weakness at the moment is the lack of
> a full Myth GUI. Although the mvpmc software does have facilities for live
> tv and scheduling, they are not really comparable to a full Mythfrontend.
> So
> if you're after a TIVO, mediaMVP doesn't yet have the GUI part of this. It
> is also limited to mpeg1&2 content, anything else has to be transcoded on
> a
> backend.
> Having said that in its favour is:
>       * Very low power consumption.
>       * Extremely responsive.
>       * Excellent playback interface (courtesy of the hard work of the
> mvpmc
> people).
>       * Extremely good TVOUT (much better than any graphics card's TV
> Out),
> has options for Composite, SVIDEO and if you're in Europe
>          RGB Scart.
> But if it's a TIVO you're after the mini-ITX is you best option. If you
> are
> in SCARTland use an VGA->RGB Scart adaptor lead.
> Cheers
> Steve

I have been considering a mediamvp. I don't have any HD needs and I have a
frontend already - but need another one for another room.

What worries me is the state of play with mvpmc. The FAQ says:

"What version of MythTV does mvpmc support?

mvpmc 0.3.0 supports MythTV 0.14 through 0.19 (plus SVN versions beyond

Does that mean it does or doesn't support 0.20? or 0.21?

Also there doesn't seem to be any news posted on the site since 23 January
2007. Is it still in active development?

Nick Rout

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