[mythtv-users] eit / epg grabber for dvb-t

Minty mintywalker at gmail.com
Thu Jul 19 09:34:24 UTC 2007


Setup is all working, except that I cannot get the EPG to populate.

UK, DVB-T, Ubuntu (myth v0.20).
Video Source is set to "Transmitted Guide Only (EIT)"
I created the channels by importing a channels.conf I generated via:
scan /usr/share/doc/dvb-utils/examples/scan/dvb-t/... > channels.conf

I can watch TV fine, but no EPG.  Running mythfilldatabase by hand
says it's skipping over because it's using broadcast only data.

I don't see anything in the front or backend logs that indicates a problem.


The setup was working wonderfully before, but due to moving house I
had to re-scan.  This didn't seem to work very well until I dropped
mythconverg, created it, rather mythfrontend (which re-created the db
schema), then mythtv-setup.  Like I say, it is all working except the
EPG/EIT data.  I'm stumped.

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