[mythtv-users] Datadirect down

Chad masterclc at gmail.com
Tue Jul 10 22:48:34 UTC 2007

> Chad,
> Tom's answer sounded pretty un-corporate to me. I certainly don't
> believe Tom "got the shaft" at all. I'm certain he has full time
> responsibilities at TMS other than the DD arrangement we have had with
> them. More than likely, he has been retasked to work on regular business
> at TMS which makes sense because the DD aspect of their service *is
> going away*. Whether we like it or not, we just have to wait and see
> what the Myth and XMLTV devs arrange with them. If you had been minding
> the other threads you would have seen some recent posts from Chris
> Peterson and the XMLTV dev which indicate that a solution IS being
> worked on and the outlook at this point appears positive.

Just because Chris Peterson (a MythTV developer) and the XMLTV
developers are working on a solution doesn't mean TMS didn't shaft a
large group of users.  Just because it was their prerogative to pack
up and leave (TMS) doesn't mean it any less that they shafted a lot of
users, regardless of the "thankfulness" we have.

> I certainly don't feel shafted so please do not speak for me. This is a
> public forum which can be viewed by the entire world. I strongly feel
> that everyone needs to step back, take a breath, and *think* before they
> post. Attitudes like yours can very well upset the work in progress to
> find us another solution.

Ah yes, I said Meatwad was shafted, sorry for that.  ;)  My attitude
was so obvious in my three sentences, very good job inferring the
meaning of my words.

> Truth be told, this is all just about watching TV with a very fancy
> media center. IMNSHO, if TV is so important to you than you would be
> best served by finding a commercial solution where you have a contract
> with a provider.

I didn't think I said much about progress, other options, MythTV or
Buddha.  You seem to think I was saying all is lost, the end is near,
repent before it's too late.  I made a very short statement that is
subjective and apparently widely misunderstood, regardless of how you
interpret it.  I said that it sounds like Tom got shafted due to his
CAPITAL letters around FORMER! so I figured he felt a little shafted
as well.  If you have a volunteer worker that you come to depend on at
your job, when they leave you feel a little shafted.  It doesn't mean
you aren't thankful or that they are a horrible person, the point is
you feel the pinch when they're gone.

Thanks for taking what I said and making it seem like I personally
just denounced everything that anyone believes, feels or cares about.


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