[mythtv-users] commercials

David Lonie loniedavid at gmail.com
Sun Jul 8 18:19:47 UTC 2007

On Sunday 08 July 2007 11:28, Brian Wood wrote:
> check the list to see if anyone else had had similar
> problems.

I too have had this problem (just throwing it out there that this isn't 
isolated). There is something buggy in myth (I'm thinking it's in 
mythtranscode). My issue about halfway thru a show (after a commercial skip, 
in fact) the a/v sync was off by ~5 seconds. I'll look into ProjectX (Thanks 
for the tip!), but myth should definitely take a look into this. I have long 
since deleted the recording, but if it happens again I'll host the file to 
see if it's repeatable on other boxes.

Parenthetically yours,  :)


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