[mythtv-users] Hauppauge IR compatible with IR repeater system

Meatwad meatwad.get.the.honeys at gmail.com
Sun Jul 8 17:45:14 UTC 2007

William Munson wrote:
> Michelle Dupuis wrote:
>> I have an IR repeater system, from a popular company (forgot the name 
>> X?????? - can't see the brand because mounted behind lid) for my home 
>> theatre.  Can I plug the output of this repeater (2 wire IR blaster) 
>> directly into the Hauppauge IR input?
> It depends on  your system. The ones that I have seen have 2 parts. A 
> remote receiver that you aim your remote at and the "repeater" which 
> generally receive a RF signal from your remote receiver and then 
> transmit  a repeated IR signal that  your tv/receiver can decode. So no 
> direct connection required. Only needs a power connection and to have 
> the repeater LED transmitters placed where they can send a signal to 
> your myth box's IR receiver.
> If you are talking about directly connecting the output of the repeater 
> to your PVR input that is not recommended and will likely burn out your 
> PVR card. You will need to either design an interface board and do some 
> creative wiring or you will need to place the PVR  card's sensor where 
> it can detect the output from your repeater.

Agreed. IR receivers (such as Hauppauge's) require a three-wire 
connection - signal, ground and power.

The output of typical IR repeater systems is a two-wire circuit which 
then drives the emitters which get stuck in front of the controlled 
equipment's IR receiver or wired directly to the equipment's "IR In" 
port on the back, if so equipped. The jack on the Hauppauge card is 
*not* the same as an IR In port.

For a better reference and some diagrams, head over to the Xantech 
website and look for the 789-44 connecting block. Download the 
installation manual which will explain one of the most typical and least 
expensive ways to stuff all of your kit in a location away from your 
display. Note: Although the manual shows single and dual-head emitters 
going from the connecting block to the controlled equipment, using a 
stereo 3.5mm cable to the IR In port is perfectly acceptable and, in 
most cases, preferable to sticking an emitter to the front of the kit.


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