[mythtv-users] How to correctly use 'mythfilldatabase'?

Matthias Thyroff lists at thyroff.net
Wed Jan 31 12:18:51 UTC 2007

Eduard Huguet schrieb:
> Hi,
>     Maybe I'm a little dumb or just I haven't understood the whole
> purpose of mythfilltabase, but there's no way I can make it work
> correctly.
> My situation is the following:
>     Currently I have a Hauppauge Nova-T 500 card that works fine with
> MythTV. Well, nearly fine, as I'm unable to do any scanning from
> within MythTV, but doing it from the outside using dvbscan and
> importing thev resulting " channels.conf" file works fine for me. I
> think it's a problem of antenna (my building antenna lacks some of the
> required amplifiers for DVB-T) or driver, but that's not the purpose
> of this message. As said, using an external-generated channel
> configuration I can watch TV without problems.
>     The problem is that I want to use one of the two XMLTV grabbers
> available for Spain (tv_grab_es and tb_grab_es_laguiatv), but there's
> no way I can associate the info downloaded with them to my existing
> channels in MythTV. First of all: ┐is it possible? I mean, ┐how can I
> tell MythTV that the XMLTV channel 'X' corresponds to my DVB-T channel
> 'X'? I try to configure the grabber (from within the terminal window
> it shows the first time) by asignating to them the same channel number
> I use in MythTV, but no luck: I always end up with duplicate entries
> for all the channels obtained through XMLTV, no matter what I do. And,
> of course, the "real" channels doesn't have any associated listings,
> those are kept only for those 'phantom' channels so I can't make use
> of them.
> Cheers
>   Eduard Huguet
>   Barcelona (Spain)
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Hi Eduard,

I had the same doubt as you when setting up the channels; either I don't
understand it well or it really is  a pain. Obviously I had to scan the
channels on my Nova-T, which worked and created working channels; but
before I had to choose the xmltv-script (I am in Barcelona, too) and run
mythfilldatabase-manual, which also created (non-working) channels.
Maybe that script is made for a different country (US?) where this
approach works? So in the end I had to delete the channels from the
mythfilldatabase script manually.

What I did then was run the xmltv script manually into a file, and
copied the xmltv ids from that file to the channel configuration.
Mythweb works great for that purpose, also for setting the channels that
don't get data from the script to use EIT data.

I do not know how to use both available scripts in parallel, nor which
one is better. I use the data from El Pais, which is used as default and
therefore was easier to set up. Sometimes EIT data and data from El Pais
differs (I have TV3 twice, once with data from El Pais, once with EIT
data, and some programs have different start/end times. I do not watch
it too much, so I do not know which one is correct more often, I haven't
cared enough to find out). Neiter EIT nor El Pais data is very good,
imho. Strange way to fill the available fields with data. Anyway, "es lo
que hay".

Good luck!


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