[mythtv-users] analog MPEG4 encoding + 1080i live tv - preformace regression?

jafa jafa at silicondust.com
Wed Jan 31 03:42:52 UTC 2007

Hi all,

My MythTV machine is having problems with latest top of trunk.

Previously MythTV would quite happily record an analog channel (software 
MPEG4 encoding) while watching 1080i live tv (HDHomeRun). The previous 
svn update was about 2 weeks ago and it worked ok.

With the latest top of trunk in the same situation - the backend is 
reporting "Ran out of free AUDIO buffers" and the frontend is reporting 
pre-buffering pauses. The audio comes and goes and the video is dropping 

The machine is a AMD 3000+ with a nVidia 6200 graphics card.

I disabled deinterlacing, disabled high quality MPEG4 encoding, and 
restarted the backend - slight improvement but still unwatchable. 
Switched to libmpeg2 - worse.

The backend was using around 40-45% CPU which seems high (not sure).

Live tv started working again when I told mythtv to stop the analog 

House is on tonight - I have killed all analog jobs :-)


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