[mythtv-users] Turtle Beach Riviera /CMedia CMI8738 and optical SPDIF

Peter pete at putzin.net
Wed Jan 31 03:08:02 UTC 2007


> I have tried EVERYTHING I can think of over the past 2 days and nothing 
> is working to get the S/PDIF to either work, or if it does work it 
> doesn't do what I expect it to do. It never fails... the moment I UNMUTE 
> the S/PDIF channel everything goes dark. When I leave it MUTED I can 
> listen to music, but that's all. I think I'm going to take the card back 
> tomorrow and get another one. As of this posting, I wouldn't recommend 
> the Turtle Beach Riviera card to anyone wanting to run FC6... The 
> quality that came from this card for the first 30 minutes or so that it 
> DID work was fantastic so once these issues are resolved in FC6 I'll be 
> using the card again, but for now... on to the next piece of hardware.
Yeah, so this mimics my issues. Nothing I did worked for very long with 
the Digital portion (got it popping a little and actually heard a few 
words spoken with PBS-HD). In FC4 it worked great. I think the Alsa 
driver failed this card at some point for digital. Analog works great 
(mute the digital though or you hear nothing). I may try again if I get 
a significant Alsa upgrade, and will start to monitor the Alsa lists too 
for anything that might help. Part of the fun of HD is the sound if you 
ask me.


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