[mythtv-users] Questions on mythTV, DVB-C hardware, Dolby Digital 5.1 in Germany

Rudy Zijlstra mythtv at edsons.demon.nl
Tue Jan 30 17:28:38 UTC 2007

Ansgar H. Licher wrote:
> Hi all,
> I feel the more confused, the more I read the mythTV documentation. I have got 
> several unanswered questions.
> I am a well experienced Linux user and want to setup mythTV on my PC. 
> Nevertheless I am a completly Newbie to mythTV and DVB.
> My situation and goals:
> 1) the server has Ubuntu Dapper (6.06 LTS)
> 2) the client near the TV shall become a hopefully fanless barebone PC (I will 
> try to fit it into a HiFi box). It will run with Ubuntu (or Debian) too.
> 3) I need a DVB-C card with CI + CAM (because the TV provider "Kabel 
> Deutschland" (or short "KDG") uses Nagravision encryption).
> 4) I want DolbyDigital 5.1 sound output to my AV receiver (for that films, 
> which are brought to me in DD 5.1)
> My questions:
> 1) The DBV-C card could be a "Hauppauge WinTV PVR-350", I think. It seems to 
> work with mythTV. Is that correct?
That is an anlogue card. Works will with Mythtv, but is not what you are 
looking for. KNC1 with CI may work. May as i do not know compatilbity 
with Nagra CAM (or whether Nagra CAM is on the market). Perhaps Janne knows?
> 2) What I cannot clear is, if this card has a slot (the "CI") for the 
> CAM-module for my KDG smartcard.
> Can anybody help and give me some information on this? What CAM do I exactly 
> need to handle the Nagravision encryption of KDG? The smartcard from KDG 
> shows a sign "K-09" which shall tell something about the kind of encryption, 
> but I am also unfamiliar with this.

Subversion of Nagra.
> 3) Can the WinTV PVR-350 handle DD 5.1? Or is DD 5.1 usually handled by any 
> DVB card?
> I took a look to the archive of this mailing list a couple of days ago. There 
> I found  something, that the Haupauge WinTV PVR-350 would be unable to 
> perform Dolby Digital 5.1. Please help: how do I get DD 5.1???
> 4) What do I exactly need to bring DD 5.1 digital audio signals from the 
> mythTV client to my AV receiver?
> Right now, I have got a settop box from KDG. On the audio site, it is 
> connected via a chinch-adapter to my AV receiver and this works perfect for 
> DD 5.1. But please help: what kind of sound card do I need in my client 
> system???
usually a SPDIF cable. Either coaxial or fiber. Depends on both your 
amplifier and the soundcard.

> 5) has anybody an idea, where to buy a fanless PC system in HiFi-design in 
> Germany?
No idea. Bought mine in NL....
> Thanks to anybody who helps in advance!!
> Greetings,
> Ansgar
> --


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