[mythtv-users] Problems about PVR 150 card and remote control installing under MythDora OS

Brian Wood beww at beww.org
Tue Jan 30 04:45:48 UTC 2007

On Jan 29, 2007, at 8:38 PM, Xi Jiarong wrote:

> Problems about PVR 150 card and remote control installing under  
> MythDora OS
> I am puzzled about this.
> We want to buy HauppaugePVR 150 card, but according to  
> communicating with the support technician from Hauppauge company,  
> the latest product box does not include one remote control any  
> more. However, some retailer still have those box product attached  
> one remote control.
> Some person told me the MythDora has included the corresponding  
> drive for HauppaugePVR 150 card, but I am still puzzled,
> Because, I had installed MythDora OS in my PC, and my puzzled  
> problems are list below:
> 1. After installing the HauppaugePVR 150 card hardware to my PC,  
> what the next steps I should do (driver is in MythDora, how to use)  
> so as to let it work properlly?
> 2. If I buy one product box attached with one remote control, then  
> need I to download the corresponding linux driver for that remote  
> control? How to make it work properlly?
> 3. Are there some remote controls to be recommded to be able to  
> work with HauppaugePVR 150 card properlly on MythDora? if possilbe,  
> plese give me some suggestion?
> Many thanks for you!

This is just the sort of thing I was talking about when I said we  
needed to work on with the WiKi. I would have sworn there was some  
info there on the various different types of PVR-150 card, but either  
I'm too tired or too lazy or it just isn't where I thought it was.

Some of the PVR-150s have an interface for the Hauppauge remote  
control(s), and some (the MCE versions) do not.

If you look at the messages from IVTV at boot time you will see if  
your particular card has the interface, in which case you need the  
receiver (basically just a detector) and the remote itself.

So the first question is what type of PVR-150 do you have ?

I swear I will add this info to the WiKi as soon as I can, right  
after I patent perpetual motion :-)

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